Wednesday, May 7, 2014

School's Out! More Time to Spend on Your Startup says Kuky!
Wednesday, May 07, 2014

School's Out! More Time to Spend on Your Startup says Kuky!

At least, this is what Mavi Miller, Founder of Kuky will be doing this summer at Yale Entrepreneurial Institute's (YEI) Summer Incubation Program.  She'll be joined by 7 teammates, whom she recruited this Spring from amongst roommates, classmates, and other campuses.  Besides juggling a full course load with lots of lab work, Ms. Miller found the time to take advice from the good folks over at YEI on a weekly basis, continue her pilot program of bringing Chinese designed and Chinese manufactured items, that are hard to get in the US, to members of the Yale community.

A First Look at the KuKy Logo
In addition, congratulations are in order for Team Kuky who also applied for and won an additional grant from The Morris and Miriam Pozen Entrepreneur Fund, which is designed to promote entrepreneurial activity within Yale's School of Management (MBA Program).

So while many of you will be interning at a bulge bracket investment bank or doing lounge reading on Myrtle Beach or even taking part in a Beijing summer exchange program, Miller and team will be doing their research, formulating their plans and preparing their executable marketing plan to launch Kuky by year's end.  

Looking for that rainbow coloured keyboard or that one of a kind character USB stick?  Check out Kuky coming this Fall.