Friday, May 2, 2014

The Classic SaaS Issue of Getting Multiple Audiences onto the Same Platform.
Friday, May 02, 2014

The Classic SaaS Issue of Getting Multiple Audiences onto the Same Platform.

How Do You Connect Dozens of Suppliers with Hundreds of Dealers? Brand Ambassadors.

When working in Cloud Computing (formerly called SaaS), your challenge, among many, is to get at least two audiences on to the same platform.  This is usually one of those Chicken-Egg or Egg-Chicken issues.  One audience won't go on-line without the other.  In the case of, the two audiences they needed to make the whole business to business communication work (feedback loop) were dealers and suppliers.  If there weren't any suppliers on Patisco, there would be nothing to look at, because you need suppliers to put their goods on line so that the system would have things to look at.

Chris Sontag and Chelsea Summer Brown with Yi-Ching Chung and
the folks over at Xero Wheel System: Where Quality Is Number One!
From Pedaling Forward FB Page

Suppliers were reluctantly to commit resources to stocking items (even virtually) until there was an audience to view their on-line products.

Patisco has not only gotten both groups on to the system, but are "Cementing the Loop" with factory visits of manufacturers in Taiwan from Patisco's Pedaling Forward US brand ambassadors. These ambassadors (such as Chris Sontag and Chelsea Summer Brown) are cyclists who not only test these factory products in races (and in some cases won!) and other road conditions, but review the products and also spread the word to retailers about these wonderful, innovative, hard to get, high quality parts.  Its a win-win for all parties.  To learn more about the Pedaling Forward program, please check out their recently updated webpage: Pedaling Forward

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