Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's a Matter of Trust: Getting Users to Your Platform
Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's a Matter of Trust: Getting Users to Your Platform

The question is how do we get people to know about the website and more importantly to use the website.  How do we get them to trust us?

Step 1: Patisco through their Pedaling Forward marketing program got one giant step closer, through an article published in Bicycle Retailer, the bicycle retailer industry trade magazine.  This front page article generated several multiples of interest from bicycle retailers.  

Image from  Pedaling Forward FB site

CEO, Even Chung, met correspondent Lynette Carpiet at this year's Sea Otter Classic, and the two hit it off.  The result is a featured article.  This is the second year that Patisco members have attended this traditional North American opening of the bicycle season.  Its being part of the community that has generated this media coverage.

Step 2: Make sure your website is not just a showcase about you and what you do, but more about what's in it for your user audience?  Not to rest on their laurels, Patisco has also revamped their website (as mentioned in an early blog), but more importantly they've made changes to the system to allow even the end consumers to find those interesting, hard to get, innovative and great quality parts made in Taiwan.  They also feature a store locator so a consumer can find a local retailer from which to buy the products, as ordered via the Patisco system.

For more cool stuff, go to Pedaling Forward
Step 3: Be sure to find the crazies!  As in the classic Crossing the Chasm, you've got to find the early visionaries, the early adopters.  Those willing to take the risk, a chance on something new, especially when your target audience may not be first movers.  Thus, Pedaling Forward continues to recruit brand ambassadors (as mentioned in a previous blog).

For more on Pedaling Forward brand ambassadors please go to: Pedaling Forward
What's great at the brand ambassador level is that these sponsored riders often field test and report on products introduced into the market - good for marketing, good for factory feedback.  In addition, they have the power to acquire parts at discounted prices for fellow riders.  This is referential selling at its best.  

Its all about the circle of trust.  Once in the circle, the ride is smoother.  Trust exists.  More users are willing to give it a go!  The flywheel turns one more rotation faster.