Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Listen to Your Inner Muz: No Finish Line
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Listen to Your Inner Muz: No Finish Line

Aki Liao with Kevin Chen, Founder of Muz Bikes, roading testing his Muz 365 prototype.
(photo by Vince Hsieh)
Since our last update, Kevin Chen, Founder of Muz Bikes, came by the office, and gave us a chance to test out his prototype Muz 365.

For this tester, definitely an excellent bike. Surprisingly light weight, given the classic BMX look. As you can see from the BMX style frame, it harkens back to our childhood days of zooming around the neighborhood (a la E.T. "Ride in the Sky" style). Reminiscent of a simpler time, when kids played in the streets, and you simply rang the doorbell of your best friends house to invite him out to play. This is pre-internet kids!

Upon riding this Muz bike, I simple kept trying to back pedal brake, not remembering that this isn't simply a child's bike. As Kevin Chen says, "From 8 to 80, it's for everyone!" With a few quick adjustments the innovative Muz original frame allows for various sizes and shapes of riders. 

Five gear shifter

Bicycle enthusiasts are probably familiar with the above pictured 5 gear shifter (on this Muz prototype), but for this everyman, this was cool! This is what I mean by this isn't simply the bike from your childhood. Instead of the usual, external gear shifter that you push with your thumb, for this component fitted on Muz bike, you simply turn your wrist up or down to up or down shift.

Muz Black Frame

This particular Muz bike comes in "Altruistic Black." As Kevin explains, "It is the base color that allows Muz to implement all of its various colors." I prefer to nickname it "original black" or "black, black." But we defer to the product designers on this.

For more on the possible color palette to suit your inner "Muz", check out the Muz website at Muz Bikes (hint: lime green). Also be sure to "like" them on facebook.

Muz will be previewing at this year's Sea Otter Classic, April 16-19, which marks the opening of the North American outdoor bicycle season.

So get in touch with your inner Muz and look for Muz, coming soon to your neighborhood!