Thursday, April 16, 2015

50 Shades of Black: Further "Muzings" from Muz Founder Kevin Chen
Thursday, April 16, 2015

50 Shades of Black: Further "Muzings" from Muz Founder Kevin Chen

A few days ago, I posted about testing Muz bike's 365 prototype and had commented on the color of the bike, but was quickly corrected by Muz founder Kevin Chen. The following are some clarifications from Kevin.

ALTRUISTIC Black and NOT Authentic Black
Kevin Chen: The authentic black in the post "Listen to Your Inner Muz" is actually called "altruistic black" with the meaning you have addressed in that post.

Xceleration: How did you come up with the Atruistic Black as a color scheme for your Muz 365 bike?

KC: It's from an internal Muz meeting when we were discussing how to help customers become aware of our stringent rustproofing and strengthening process applied on chromoly tubes to deliver an outstanding classic piece with all the latest engineering and workmanship embedded. Karl (one of Kevin's partners) found the word to perfectly describe the "base" (foundation/primer), and we all love it!

XLabs: So what "black" was on the Muz 365 prototype that we tested?

KC: The matte black color on the bike you rode yesterday is called "stealth black," while another frame on our website, which is gloss black, is called "piano black". We love black, so for us, black also has 50 shades of its own... [smiles and laughter]

Image taken from
The "Lime" Bike
XLabs: Will the colors only be black (of course, since black is really a "value")?

KC: The lime bike (as shown on the Muz Bikes website) that you mentioned, is called "spring bud" or "bud green", which is the 1st color to be released as part of our 2015 Spring/Summer edition, while the other colors available (as a frame, not complete bike) include bikini pink, hi-vi reflective, and either hot lava (lighter coral) or aviation blue (a shade between sky and ocean blue).

XLabs: Wow! That's colorful!

KC: I have been asking the team to take an audience point of view, instead of as a manufacturer's, so we look to gain inspiration from nature, art, literature, music and everyday life.

XLabs: I can see that. . . what are the release plans?

KC: The colors in preparation for 2015 Fall/Winter release so far are ginkgo yellow for MUZ 365 complete, and khaki sand, toothpaste mint & safety orange for frames. You can see that colors are emphasized a lot, not to mention the graphics. Andy and Karl (Kevin's partners) are all in, and they are working on some designs of their own to put on their bikes.

XLabs: So this isn't just for Muz fans, you yourselves are enthusiasts?

KC: Yes! Indeed. (See Muz Facebook page)

XLabs: How do you hope to get the word out?

KC: We put all such stories on our blog "Muzings", and hopefully it helps our audience to initiate and plan their own MUZ bike and MUZ experience.

XLabs: Looking forward to seeing everyone's creation!

KC: Thanks! From 8 to 80, Muz 365. We welcome everyone to create the bike of their inspiration!