Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Finding Your North Star: Core Values and Startups
Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Finding Your North Star: Core Values and Startups

Aki Liao giving a talk at NTU about finding Core Values for a Startup

For Startups, one of the most important factors to success is not getting distracted by all the advice and seemingly endless opportunities and good ideas. In order to help figure out how to stay on track, it is important to determine the company's north star - point of focus and direction.

Through the good graces of Professor Janet Yuvienco, the Jibao team was able to visit with NTU students and solicit their help to give an outsiders' view of Jibao. The first step was to present the NTU students with Jibao's basic thoughts and philosophies. Then we had the students help determine what did Jibao believe? This is what they determined were Jibao's beliefs:

What a treat! NTU still has chalk!

  • Help students find their path
  • Learning can be efficient
  • Learning can be different
  • Learning can be better with Mindmap
  • Teach in a more organized manner
We continued with the student's consultation, and they came up with the following potential company slogan.

"Inspiration and efficient learning leads to talent and prosperity."

After further hard work from our student consultants, they also gave us two potential core values to help guide the company.

Jibao is a commitment to a revolution of Taiwan's education system.


Jibao is a commitment to create a better learning environment.

It is truly terrific to gain the help of these NTU student consultants to provide an outside perspective and help us on our path!  They came up with a slogan and core values statements that would have been impossible for us to come up with, no matter how much we tried. We shall see how we incorporate their help into our sales and marketing materials in the near future.

With their summation as to what Jibao is all about, it should help us narrow down possible choices and eliminate those opportunities that are non-core to what the team is all about. When in doubt, refer to your North Star!