Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No Demo Necessary: Its Not Always about the Demo.
Wednesday, January 08, 2014

No Demo Necessary: Its Not Always about the Demo.

Often times, you've spent months on your product and you're convinced that buyers will flock to your product and solution because you have the most bells and whistles.

Many with experience in promoting and selling software know that often times the most powerful selling tool is the story - what problem are you solving, what's your solution and why is its a difference maker.  Find the  "sizzle" (as in the sizzle of grilling steaks) to gain audience interest and then talk about details.  Yours truly, practiced for hours in preparation to provide a demo of the Patisco product at last year's 2013 HP Horizons Startup Event.  Turns out, industry experts and VCs had no interest in seeing the demo, only learning the story and how Patisco would be revolutionary.

During the HP Horizons Startup Event, CEO Even Chung, often found himself providing the story of Patisco with the use of a visual aid - such as a super light bike frame.  (See below photo) Even talked to such interested parties as John Sontag of HP about how Patisco supports dealers from around the world to buy factory direct from Taiwan manufacturers, but more importantly to allow dealer and manufacturer a communication platform in which to exchange ideas and provide feedback.  The result is innovative Taiwan products making it to the market and direct front-line feedback from dealers to manufacturers. No Demo Necessary.
Even Chung of Patisco speaking with John Sontag of HP Labs with Tom Chiu of Sand Hill Angels looking on.