Patisco, a new service by Taipei-based Xinosys, aims to make companies more efficient by letting them form private social networks with their clients, associates, suppliers, and anyone else involved in their business.
By making communication between the many different parts of a business easier, Xinosys hopes to help businesses run more smoothly with its cloud-based business-to-business trading platform.

Typical e-commerce platforms are rife with limitations, says Xinosys CEO Even Chung. For example, suppliers frequently don’t offer their most updated product details on the web, and it’s often a lengthy process for new businesses to get in their good graces. With Patisco, it’s much easier for suppliers to get a sense of what a business offers and start working them.
In addition to promoting communication, the platform allows owners to manage most of their business activities from a single web-based interface, including online catalogs, order taking, pricing strategy and more. Patisco competes with, a business-to-business marketplace.
Chung tells VentureBeat that since the service launched in January, about 270 companies have been trying it out. At the moment, over 5,000 products have been put together within Patisco, and around $4 million worth of orders have been filed within it.
Xinosys was founded in 2006 and currently has seven employees. The company has bootstrapped to the tune of $300,000 so far from its founders.
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