Monday, September 7, 2015

Jibao's Future Classroom Workshop: Gaining Insight into Teacher's in Action
Monday, September 07, 2015

Jibao's Future Classroom Workshop: Gaining Insight into Teacher's in Action

In Jibao's first push of it's product into the market this past spring (2015), demonstrations of the product both in it's on-line web version and also it's iOS app version to Taiwan's High School teachers gained universal approval. More than 85% of Taiwanese High School Teachers stated that they liked and would use the product in a classroom setting. The thrust of teacher feedback was that they felt it would change the dynamic of classroom lecturing and presentation - making for a more exciting, captivating and interactive learning experience for students.

To this end, Jibao's next phase will be for universal adoption of the Jibao System by spending the summer working with teachers to get better hands on feedback for future improvements. (Please see original blog in Mandarin @ Jibaoviewer Blog)

Teachers and Jibao team members
We were glad to successfully hold our Jibao Workshop! Teachers brought their classroom materials to share with us at Jibao Offices. The Jibao team worked with teachers to better utilize and apply Jibao in a classroom setting.

Jibao team observing their teachers using the Jibao system
Teacher feedback was "We've been teaching for many years, and know a lot about how to do so, but we are eager to learn more about applying technology in the classroom. Technology is a tool, and if used correctly, it can make the classroom come to life, igniting learning."

Teacher applying what they learned in their preparation of materials for Fall semester.
After this workshop, Jibao received many different perspectives and useful suggestions. Teachers provided the team with new ideas. We look forward to bringing a whole new experience to the classroom for the first day of school!
Guest Blogger: Ting-li Wu
About Ting-li Wu. A graduate of Taiwan's top ranked university, National Taiwan University ("NTU"), Ms. Wu runs the Jibaoviewer Blog @ When she's not running Jibao's education blog, Ms. Wu is busy helping teachers make the most of Jibao's system in the classroom through a multi-prone effort that includes, but is not limited to, implementation, customer service, product introduction and training.