Sunday, August 9, 2015

Branding Strategy for Entrepreneurs: Insitti's From Insight to Impact
Sunday, August 09, 2015

Branding Strategy for Entrepreneurs: Insitti's From Insight to Impact

I'm the first to admit that Xceleration Labs does not provide services for everything that a startup founder may need to get their venture off the ground. We do a lot, but not all of it. Thus, Xceleration relies on a group of partner consultancies to extend our service offerings.

Whereas Xceleration Labs focuses on helping you get from idea to prototype and also the steps for how to do business development and sales, one of Xceleration Labs partners Insitti helps you get from "Insight to Impact." (You can reference Insitti at their website)

Insitti's Value Proposition for Startups to Existing Mature Businesses

Founder Kevin Chen of Insitti would give you an exhaustive explanation of their services, but in simple terms their service is about helping businesses and startups with branding; not just the branding in order to generate sales, which is often mistaken for branding, but the branding that helps with overall messaging - marketing.  Building brand is critical for survival and continued evolution as a startup gets beyond the initial selling stage. Insitti helps with doing planning for 3-5 years, where as Xceleration Prime is focused on your next 30-60-90 days of execution.

At first glance, Insitti's website would seem bereft of much depth or references, except this is deceptive, because in fact, 50 percent of Insitti's cases are Taiwan government as well as NGOs. (I suppose it wouldn't be terrific for government officials to "officially" admit that they were getting help from a boutique consultancy on innovation).

One excellent example of their work is on Muz Bikes. (Check out the MuzBikes website at The website incorporates some of the best elements of Insitti's work, besides the great visuals, the team was able to the do even more difficult task of drawing out the value proposition of in words. Instead of merely describing features of the various Muz Bikes, they also talk about the value and captured the essence of Muz Bikes. Something which sounds easier than it is.

An excerpt from the website, describing the "everyday" Muz Bike:

"MUZ 365 is the most fun and stylish way to commute around town, while taking a few detours along the way. Zip around effortlessly with a timeless classic frame geometry that can withstand the hardiest uses."

Note the way that Insitti helps the prospect visualize what it would be like to own a MuzBike and also incorporate features/functionality as key selling points.

If branding strategy is a need or even merely a possibility, one can get an introduction through Insitti's excellent coffee time where one of the partners will discuss some basics to help you get to understand how they can provide value. Regardless of how the coffee time goes, Kevin Chen is committed to providing value even in the brief 30 minute coffee session.

The coffee time is called MOCHA, which stands for:

M - Methodology
O - Opportunity
C - Context
H - Hidden Needs
A - Appliances

To understand more about their methods which are comparable to BCG or MacKenzie methodologies, as well as a mix of Insitti's own "special sauce", you'll have to contact Insitti for a coffee!