Friday, July 3, 2015

Karma of Making Connections: A Success Story in Progress. . .
Friday, July 03, 2015

Karma of Making Connections: A Success Story in Progress. . .

Recently, I blogged about the The Karma of Making Connections, and I hinted at two possible recent connections that I made. Unfortunately, one of the connections will not formalize after introductions and some initial email exchanges.

The following is the result of the second introduction/connection. Enjoy!

Sunmerry's has been looking to evolve their demographic from an older brand frequented by moms buying bread for their children to a younger and hipper generation of Taiwanese. We needed a way to reach this younger audience and was fortunate enough to pair up with local youtube sensation Jesus - who runs a youtube channel literally titled, "Foreigner doesn't teach English." A large portion of his audience is Taiwanese youth, with his funny and wacky observations of Taiwanese culture and life.

In order to reach this co-working together in reaching a younger audience, Sunmerry's planning group and executives had to recognize that we were unsuited to truly understand and reach a youth audience. Therefore, we turned to outside help.
Left to Right: Ada, Jesus and Nikki
This is an important realization for any startup team or even mature and experienced team is to identify your audience and give up the assumption that you know what that audience wants and even can ascertain their hidden needs. To give up this control and allow an outsider to help reach that audience is a big step in the right direction for Sunmerry's and will hopefully progress in the future as Sunmerry's tries to gains a new youth audience.

In the meantime, if you watch this video and you're in Taipei, stop by a local Sunmerry's to collect your free treat! (Only good till end of July 2015).