Monday, October 8, 2012

Patisco Road Warriors: Sean and Yi-Ching Hit the Road Again
Monday, October 08, 2012

Patisco Road Warriors: Sean and Yi-Ching Hit the Road Again

The following is an excerpt from Sean Wei's ever popular blog on his adventure with Patisco team.  Recently he and his head of sales, Yi-Ching Chung, made yet another trip visiting Taiwan Suppliers to help spread the word of Patisco.  Below is an excerpt from his blog.  To see the entire entry, please go to:

"Like any traditional industry in Taiwan (and I presume the same around the world), these clients are not as technologically advanced as compared to industries such as automobiles, finance, electronics, and many others...
Therefore one of our goals in mind is not just to help these clients become more up-to-date with technology and efficiency, but help them leap-frog the competition.
The simple act of just integrating into the daily routine of an employee can drastically cut down the paper usage of the office, which in turn means less pens, pencils, erasers, and paper clips. Less paper not just saves money, but also saves the trees. Less paper also means less mess, and less chance that something important is lost or taken by someone else. So instead of the skyline of towers of paper that seems so prevalent on the desks of all employees that work in offices, there is just a computer and a coffee mug (or tea cup if the person drink tea.). "