Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Clients in the News
Friday, November 04, 2011

Our Clients in the News

Xceleration Labs – fostering an open source and supportive environment for Taiwan’s internet start-up founders and their companies.

What is Xceleration Labs?

More than a consultancy, we act as outsourced management committed to your success.  We help to evaluate your current situation, create a plan and then work side by side with you to execute that plan in order to generate  sales and ultimately reach profitability.


Xceleration, pronunciation: “X-sel-e-ra-shen”
---the act of accelerating a start-up to their success

Labs, short for laboratories
---a place equipped for making experiments, tests and gathering feedback to create the best formula for a given internet start-up’s success.

Committed to the success of those visionaries who need a little assist to accelerate their products, services and companies to market.

Coaching those willing to listen to short cut some of the potential obstacles that stand between them and greatness.